First Steps on the Platform as a Mentor

1. Welcome to Mentor Lane!

We’re excited to have you join our community as a new mentor! You haven’t received an invitation from our side to create your profile on my.mentorlane.com? Get a closer look at our application process and apply here via video!

2. Registration at my.mentorlane.com

Once you’ve received your invitation, just click on the link. You can now sign up with your personalized invitation code. After that, you only have to confirm your email address.

3. Create your Mentor Profile

First things first! Navigate to the settings to manage your profile. You should add a display name, a username, your location, a profile picture, and a short description of yourself. Your profile is the cornerstone of your presence on my.mentorlane.com, you will be able to find all your mentoring offers (‘listings’) and relationships here.

4. Create your Mentor Listing

a. Title and Description
You can now create a listing on the platform, just click on “offer new mentorship” in the header of my.mentorlane.com. Think of a few key points or a motto that you can use to title your entry and draft a description for your mentoring offer. Don’t scrimp on the details – the description should help mentees to find their perfect mentor! Share anecdotes from your career or challenges you have had to overcome. However, don’t give out your name, contact information, or links to external content that could make you personally identifiable. Consequently, only qualified mentees can contact you through our platform.

b. Your Mentorship Offering
Once you’ve found a good title and description, you can specify your offerings as a mentor. What are your specific skills? Would you like to offer fee-based mentoring services in addition to unpaid commitments? How often would you like to meet up with mentees and in which languages can you support them?

5. You’re all set!

As soon as you have created your listing, we will check the information you provided and activate your offer on our platform. Mentees can now find you on my.mentorlane.com and get in touch with you. You can also connect with other mentors to drive your professional exchanges.

Happy Mentoring!

Short and sweet – the most important things about creating a listing on my.mentorlane.com:

  • Complete your profile where you can find all your mentoring offers
  • Create your listing so that mentees can find you as their mentor.
  • Don’t include data that would make you personally identifiable so that only qualified mentees on my.mentorlane.com can find you!