Mentor Lane’s Top 5

Mentor Lane’s Top 5 Rules for your professional development

The following 5 rules have been carefully compiled by our team. These are not to be considered as laws. Rather, they serve as impulses and reflect success factors that we have observed with our previous clients. Use our Top 5 as a guideline and lead your mentoring program to success!


  1. Preparation is key.
    Nothing is more valuable than the time spent together. Benefit from Mentor Lane’s existing materials and resources to use your time with your partner as efficiently as possible. Respect the time with your partner. Review materials from past sessions before you go to the next meeting.
  2. Send and receive.
    Act as both a contact person and listener. The first step to effective answers are clear questions. Avoid ambiguity. Do not show emotional biases and evaluate objectively. Your honest opinion is valuable. Your partner will appreciate it. Create an individual basis of trust with each other, in which both parties feel comfortable.
  3. Maintain professionalism.
    Clear and sincere communication is not always pleasant. Maintain discretion, admit mistakes and take responsibility. Show respect and do not stray from your core topics during your meetings. Avoid inappropriate topics, remarks and gestures. Stay professional in your handling with each other in every respect.
  4. Mentoring means partnership.
    The focus of mentoring is the professional and personal development of an individual. Do not concentrate on learning certain skills or competencies. Give incentives and benefit from new ideas. Always keep your goals in mind. Use your meetings efficiently and work together to reach your set milestones.
  5. Commitment.
    Mentoring is a commitment. The more concrete your planning, the more efficient the mentoring. Establish clear and unambiguous conditions for both parties. The more work you invest, the greater your yield. Be punctual, avoid canceling meetings at short notice and make sure you are available for important issues.

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