Role of a mentee

Mentee – Your role? The initiator.

A mentee is someone with vision and passion. Accompanied and supported by the right mentor, a mentee works zealously to realize their dreams and goals.

The strong desire for personal and professional development is at the forefront of a mentee’s thinking. In their mentoring program, mentees take the initiative. Core characteristics of a mentee are the search for constructive feedback from their mentor as well as encouragement for their goals. A mentee sees the path to success in their passion.

Mentee 10 commandments for your success

1. Preparation is key

Nothing is more valuable than the time spent together. Benefit from Mentor Lane’s existing materials und resources to use your time with your mentor as efficiently as possible. Review materials from past sessions before moving on with the next meeting.

2. Active listening

Listen actively. Develop a better understanding of yourself. The background, experiences and perspectives of your mentor will help you do this.

3. Take initiative

Your mentor is ready to help you. Accept this offer and take initiative in communicating with your mentor. Set up meetings to get you organized, ask questions and address issues. Take responsibility and actively participate in your mentoring relationship.

4. Recognize and understand perspectives

You and your mentor are in different phases of your lives. Depending on personal and cultural backgrounds, you bear witness to different experiences, values and ambitions than your mentor. Acknowledge and develop an understanding for those versatile perspectives and benefit from them. Develop an understanding of the existence and validity of these differences. Having an objective view will help you have fruitful discussions, which will bring you closer to your common goal.

5. Maintain focus

Never lose focus. Use your meetings efficiently and work on reaching your set milestones. Show respect and do not stray from your core topics during your meetings.

6. Maintain professionalism

Maintain discretion, admit mistakes and take accountability for them. Always keep your final objective in mind. Avoid inappropriate topics, remarks and gestures. Stay professional in every respect when dealing with your mentor.

7. Allow criticism and feedback

Your mentor will give you constructive feedback and advice. Do not perceive this as an attack on your person. Be open to constructive suggestions and broaden your horizon. Different perspectives will open new doors for you.

8. Give criticism and feedback

Your mentor is not perfect either. Not every feedback, opinion or advice from your mentor will lead you to the desired success. Keep your style and ask critical questions. Express doubts and criticism with respect. Discuss your issues tactfully and achieve lucrative results through a unique exchange.

9. Mentoring means partnership

Mentoring is focused on the professional and personal development of an individual. Do not concentrate on learning certain skills or competencies from your mentor. Give yourself incentives and let your mentor benefit from fresh ideas. Help your mentor expand their own horizon, share successes and failures and create a sense of togetherness.

10. Commitment

Mentoring means commitment for you and especially for your mentor. Take enough time for your mentor. The more work you invest, the greater your yield. Be punctual, avoid canceling meetings at short notice and make sure you are available for important issues.

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