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What makes Mentor Lane special is that they take the time to understand what the goals and needs are, and also take the necessary time for the matching process. It is remarkable how much passion and commitment are demonstrated here. We have always received the support we needed. Additionally, proactive support has always been offered to us. I look forward to collaborating with Mentor Lane and to many more successful mentoring tandems.

Eda Streng

Head of Human Resources Development and Marketing, Bayerische Versorgungskammer

Over the years, I have referred several employees to Mentor Lane to connect them with the right external mentor. The experiences of my mentees so far, and especially the quality of the mentors, have been truly phenomenal. Currently, we are working together on developing a company-wide mentoring program for our employees. What I particularly appreciate about the Mentor Lane team is their humanity: they are flexible, empathetic, and go the extra mile for us.

Malte Horstmann

CEO, OMM Solutions GmbH

From the beginning, we had great respect for the task of developing our own mentoring program. However, we were determined to stick to the idea of promoting selected talents and wanted to give the individual matching of mentors and mentees a chance—no matter how demanding it would become. When we were made aware of Mentor Lane, we were glad for the direct support we received. Because, as simple as mentoring sounds, it is not. Often, the administrative effort and personal empathy required are underestimated. Especially if you want to approach it correctly, you should seek the necessary expertise. We were definitely more than grateful for the collaboration with Mentor Lane and would recommend them unreservedly to any organization.

Steffen Rufenach

Head of Alumni Organization for Economics, Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Collaboration with mentors is crucial and should be part of every business plan. Through Mentor Lane, we are connected with mentors, and the knowledge and wisdom shared with us have been invaluable. The great thing is that the mentors do it not for the money (which isn’t even allowed!) but because they want to help young, less experienced entrepreneurs on their path to success. Thank you for making this possible, Colin and Mentor Lane!

John Neilan

CEO, Tuesday Coworking

Many thanks to Mentor Lane for the consultation and design of a new mentoring program for a group of students and alumni. Mentor Lane assisted us with the planning, conducted the mentoring training for mentors and mentees, and provided mentors. THANK YOU very much to Mentor Lane for the helpful advice and guidance on effective mentoring.

Alexandra Anderson

Senior Associate Director, Center for Career & Professional Development, Southwestern University

Targeted mentoring solutions for individual employees…

Membership in the Mentor Lane Community

Your employees gain access to all mentors and mentees at Mentor Lane, receive automatic matching suggestions, receive support throughout the mentoring process, and enjoy exclusive access to Mentor Lane Community Events.

Personal matching with the right mentor

Your employees are personally matched with the right mentor at Mentor Lane by matching experts.


Customized headhunting for the right mentor

If the right mentor is not yet on the Mentor Lane platform, Mentor Lane expands the search beyond the platform to find the suitable mentor.

Employees as mentors for external mentees

Train your executives to become mentors so that they can conduct successful mentoring using proven practices and assume a goal-oriented role as both a leader and mentor.

…or a company-wide mentorship program.

Mentoring program with external mentors

Design with the help of Mentor Lane an individual mentoring program where your employees are matched with external mentors to foster their professional growth and enhance their skills.

Internal mentoring platform

Utilize a customized version of the Mentor Lane platform tailored to your needs to implement an internal mentoring program within your organization.

Cross-Mentoring Programm

Experience a cross-mentoring program involving selected companies. Employees from one company are matched with those from another company and guided through a mentoring program.

What do you aim to achieve with your mentoring program?

Leadership Development

Innovation & Intrapreneurship

Women's Empowerment



Specialist Onboarding

Management Buyout


Timeline of a Mentoring Program

Here is a snapshot of a cross-mentoring program organized by Mentor Lane, connecting mentees and mentors from 5 different municipal companies.

Cross-Mentoring-Programm Timeline Mentor Lane

Buildings Blocks of a Mentorship Program

What should your mentoring program include?
Decide with the help of Mentor Lane which aspects should be part of your mentoring program.


Clarity Workshop


Internal Marketing of Program


Mentee Workshop


Program Events


Automated Matching


Hybrid Internal + External Mentoring


Mentoring Guide


And more...


Strategic Consulting


Custom Matching Concept


Mentor Workshop


Internal Mentoring Software Plattform


Personal Match-Making


Peer Mentoring Groups


Personal Support

Goethe University Frankfurt

(Video is in German)

In cooperation with the Alumni Organization of Economic Scientists (FWWG), Mentor Lane organized a mentoring program in which 25 economics students were matched with 25 alumni mentors.

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Mentor Lane is an institutional member of the German Society for Mentoring e.V. (DGM). The DGM ensures the dissemination as well as the maintenance of quality standards in mentoring.