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You have a vision. A business idea. Or you want to develop your career. But you’re missing the experience to turn your vision into a reality? Not anymore.

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Why Mentor Lane?

Although many people have goals and visions, few people receive the right support to achieve them. We seek to change that.

At Mentor Lane, we connect aspiring personalities with the right mentor for their professional goals and support them within a powerful mentoring community, including personal support, networking events, and a digital mentoring guide.

Now, every person with a dream can find the right supporter who believes in them.

We personally qualify each mentor

>1.400 Years Experience

Work with up to 3 Mentors simultaneously

Exclusive Community Events

How it works

Mentor Lane is a community of mentors and mentees. After becoming a member, you enjoy access to all mentors on the platform and you can filter and search according to your preferences. Simply introduce yourself to your preferred mentors, arrange to get to know each other and if the chemistry is right, you can begin your mentorship together! And you’re never alone: The Mentor Lane team is happy to help and advise you every step of the way. 

1. Sign up

Sign up and tell us about your goals, challenges, and desired mentor.

2. Orientation

We get to know you personally, see if suitable mentors is available, and send you a preview of possible mentors.

3. Find your mentor

Book the membership and receive your unique invite code for the platform. Now you can filter and search mentors according to your preferences. Write to your selected mentors and arrange to get to know each other.

4. The Mentorship begins!

Following the first conversations, you can select up to three mentors with whom you’d like to start. Set goals and milestones within your Mentorship Agreement and officially start your mentorship!

Better Together – The Stories of Mentor Lane

Confidence in Communication
Ljiljana & Gabriele

Developing Leadership
Sven & Human

Raising Revenues
Michael & Hans

Starting your career
Evangelos & Friedemann

Join the World’s Strongest Mentoring Community

Mentor Lane regularly organizes exclusive events for its community of mentors and mentees.

Mentor of the Year

For her excellent mentoring, Corinna Haas was awarded Mentor of the Year in the Summer of 2018.

Pitch Your Idea: Cave of Mentors

Our Mentee Founders pitched at the “Cave of Mentors”, a jury of successful mentors, and received the feedback of their lives.

Mentor Talks: New Work

Under the motto ‘New Work’, mentors Corinna Haas, Susanne Busshart and Sebastian Sellinat discussed their views on the future of New Work.

Mentor Talks: Agile Experts

Mentors and Agile Experts Sarah Steffen and David Hillmer presented on the opportunities and challenges of “Working Agile”.

Mentor & Wine

No agenda, no speakers, just good wine and good people. A cozy atmosphere with snacks and wine provided time and space for mentors and mentees to get to know each other better.

Winter Gala

A festive end to the year at the Mentor Lane Winter Gala 2018. Mentors and mentees came together to exchange ideas and review the year together.

Mentor of the Year

A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Mentor Award for ‘Best Mentor – Winter 2018′ to Sarah Steffen for her outstanding work with her mentee.

Mentor Talks: Corporate vs. Startup

“Unlimited vacation days really work!” This statement by Mynia Deeg started kicked off the topic of the evening: Opportunities and challenges of Digitalisation and New Work – from the perspective of each a start-up and a corporate. The latter was represented by Jean-Luc Vey.

Mentor Talks: Leadership

“Why I have to know myself before I can lead others.” Mentor Susanne Rey gave a talk on self-understanding and its effects in the areas of values, environment, awareness, reflection and change.

Summer Gala

The Mentor Lane Summer Gala featured lively networking, the mentor awards, and a keynote by Mentor Lane founder Colin Berr on the topic: “How to be a Great Mentor”.

Mentor Lane? – Yes, please.

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What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person who is already been where you want to go. A mentor is not a professional consultant, but a person with a wealth of experience who can help you achieve your goal. Mentors usually have many years of experience, are successful entrepreneurs, managers or experts and are open about sharing personal ups and downs as well as valuable strategies from their own lives.

How are mentors qualified?
We place great importance on a rigorous qualification of our mentors. Our team personally checks each mentor application based on experience, expertise, proven successes and social competency. We also interview each of our mentors in person. Following a successful application, mentors may officially register and create their profiles on the platform. Furthermore, we ensure that our mentors also receive sufficient support after their signup so that no mentor enters into a mentoring relationship unprepared.

Can I be both a mentor and a mentee?
This is certainly possible – moreover, we welcome it! However, the criteria for being a mentor must be met regardless. Becoming a mentor is only possible following a successful qualification by the Mentor Lane team.
Do the mentors receive compensation?

Volunteer mentoring is at the forefront of Mentor Lane and therefore each mentor offers some form of Free Mentoring. However, a number of mentors also offer paid mentorship for appropriate cases. You can learn more about the difference between Free and Paid Mentoring in the support article: A and B Mentoring.

Mentor Lane is an institutional member of the German Association for Mentoring e.V. (DGM). The DGM ensures and safeguards quality standards in mentoring.
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