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Our mentors are the heart of Mentor Lane. As personal supporter and and companions, they provide valuable tips, share their experiences and master new challenges together with their mentee.

Our mission is to combine our mentee’s dream with the right experience. For our mentees offer fresh ideas, found up-and-coming companies and pursue exciting goals. What they need is a person who believes in them and can support them with their professional decisions: a mentor.

Your benefits as a mentor


All mentees are personally qualified by Mentor Lane


Access to all other mentors on our platform


Exclusive events just for members of the Mentor Lane Community


Mentor Award after successful completion of mentoring

How it works

1. Sign up

Sign up and tell us about your professional career, your experiences, why you would like to become a mentor and what qualifies you to do so.

2. Qualification

We get to know you personally, check your knowledge and information and send you an invitation to our platform after a successful qualification.

3. Platform

Create your profile and a listing to be found and contacted by our mentees. Both of you arrange meetings to get to know each other and check if the chemistry is right.

4. Mentoring

After getting to know each other, you and your mentee decide whether a mentoring relationship should be established or the search continued. In case of collaboration, you set milestones together and agreements to start the mentoring!

A & B Mentoring

At Mentor Lane, voluntary mentoring is a priority. However, there are situations where the mentor can ask to be compensated for their mentoring.

Voluntary mentoring for
founders, career starters, private individuals and career changers

A Mentoring is based on the motto: “I made it and I want to help others to make it too.”

A Mentoring is therefore perfect for mentees who have just entered an industry and are at the beginning of their professional career. With their mentor, who has already many years of experience in their field, the mentee achieve their first successes, start their own business or move up within their company.

This program is therefore particularly suitable for founders, career starters, private individuals and career changers.

Paid mentoring for
executives, advanced entrepreneurs and companies

Mentees who have already achieved their own successes are found in our B Mentoring. Their mentors function as guides for professional development and support their mentee in achieving larger goals such as increasing sales, expanding into other countries or selling companies.

B Mentoring is particularly suitable for executives, advanced entrepreneurs and companies

Since the support from the mentor in the B Mentoring goes beyond the “usual” level, the mentor receives fair compensation for their exceptional performance.


Attention! You are working as a coach or a consultant?

Mentor Lane is not a sales channel for professional coaches and consultants who have to make a living from it. Our focus is on the Community and voluntary mentoring. Mentors at Mentor Lane have achieved many successes in their lives and are happy to pass on their experiences to the next generation without expecting high rewards.

Do and Review – What our mentors say

"Mentor Lane - that’s the doubled change of perspective. I have had many in-depth conversations and have benefitted a lot from them. At first I was skeptical: my mentee came from a completely different professional corner. But in retrospect, that was exactly the key to mutual success."

thumb_01_90_90 Florian Alexander Mall

Head of Corporate Solutions / Business Development, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH

"Mentor Lane offers a great opportunity to share experiences and at the same time take in new perspectives. The exchange between a mentor and mentee follows a basic framework in an uncomplicated way, which leaves enough room for individual design. I am pleased to have got to know the Mentor Lane team at an early stage and I am curious to see how the idea will further develop."

thumb_01_90_90 Silvia Rak

Marketing Freelancer, FREIWASSER Marketing

"For me, mentoring stands for a mutual and rewarding dialogue. I myself have had mentors time and again and have also been a mentor for young entrepreneurs. In a well-chosen tandem, both mentee and mentor can benefit from their exchange across different phases of life and broaden their horizons. Only at first glance does the mentor accompany his mentee for a part of his way - in practice, however, this path is not a one-way street."

thumb_01_90_90 Christian Reister

CEO, Violin Assets

"I have had the pleasure to get to know the team of Mentor Lane during their founding period. Since then, my faith and interest in mentoring hasn’t changed. Just through the professionalism in dealing with their mentoring couples, the team continuously manages to amaze me with their professional mentoring. If you are looking for a competent mentoring program, Mentor Lane is the right place for you."

myniadeeg Mynia Deeg

Managing Director & COO, Antelope.Club

Mentor Lane? – Yes, please.

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